About Yallhalla

Welcome everyone to Yallhalla Forge. It is the loving evolution of a tongue in cheek interpretation of an Odin that traveled to the mountains of Appalachia and stayed. My friend Alex took my crazy idea and ran with it, making this Southern interpretation of Odin into a tribute to my father Olen. So the Grey-bearded wanderer became a humble smith in this new world. Hugin and Munin disguised themselves as Harlon and Marlon the game chickens. Gungnir is concealed as a pump 12 gauge. Odin's trusty Slepnirado truck bears him on 8 stout mud tires during his journeys. Of course the fierce einharjar have a place, though they are now known as the Earnhardtjar in honor of one of their greatest new world numbers. And we can't forget Dolly, fairest of all the Valkyries. Waiting to lead the brave to Yallhalla! So, stick around and see some of my forge work and my journey and growth as a smith and maybe support a local artist in the mean time.

As for me, my name is Brenden and bladesmithing is the road I have wandered down. You may have seen me at your local renfaire, on tiktok, or the History Channel's Forged in Fire Season 9 Epidsode 4